Creating a Cold Lunch my Child will Eat

Do you ever have problems making a healthy nutritious lunch? What about your child’s lunch? It is that time of year where school has started and I am trying to plan a healthy lunch for my daughter who is in first grade. I do not know about you, but my first grader does not like the same foods I do. In a perfect world, I would send the perfect assortment of brain power foods in her pink glittery cooler bag, but beets, kale, and legumes would never be touched.

I know what I put in my daughters body has to fuel her. Her brain is growing so much right now and so is her little body. Even though I know this, my child is only going to eat what “she likes”. So now what? I need something fast, but I am not a big planner. I need something not too expensive. I need something she will eat and most importantly I need something that will help her body grow mentally and physically.

So mamma’s I have found a few items that could help your child. I used Udi’s whole grain gluten free bread with natural peanut butter. The bread tastes great. I used a cookie cutter to make fun shapes. Today was a star. I cut up some carrots and green beans we got at the farmers market and my daughter helps me cut the veggies into pieces. She feels like a big kid doing it even though she ended up with a little band aid..oops. Next, I put some organic mozzarella cheese chucks. To save some money I bought a block of cheese. Added a few organic raspberries and chucks of our IsaLean Carmel Cashew bar as a treat.

She came home with an empty lunch box! That means success in my book.

For other options try apples (from the farmers market this time of year are pretty inexpensive), pears, peaches, hormone free turkey slices, whole grain crackers, blue corn chips, baby cucumbers, bell peppers, or protein balls.

Momma’s we can do this! Let’s fuel our kids today so they can be!


~LeAnn Cushion

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