5 Tips for Marathon Week!

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Its RACE WEEK! SO many emotions going through my head and instead of freaking out I am going to use this energy and extra time from my taper to share with some of the runners out there that are curious. One of the most common questions I get asked about running is what to do the week of your race? For starters…try to stay calm and busy enough that you keep your mind at ease. The taper time for a runner is HARD because you feel like you have all this extra energy and time and then you start to overthink if you have trained enough and if you are ready or not. Well…you have done the best you could do for this race and now you can focus on a fun week, race day expo (my favorite), your nutrition should be dialed in for this week and the rest is in Gods plan!

Nutrition wise I eat clean and continue my amazing shakes to keep getting my micro and macronutrients in 2 of my meals/snacks a day. My other meals/snacks I am making sure they have a protein as well as more carb focused this week and not as many fats as they are harder to digest. I will also decrease the amount of fiber I consume 2-3 days before my race and increase my carbs 2-3 days. This does not mean I consume more calories in general it just means that my portions of my calories are not split as evenly between protein/fat/carb and instead it is going to be more lean protein and carbs 2-3 days before my race. My favorite carbs to do race week are sweet potatoes, rice, and brown rice pasta!

I have also increased my immune boosting supports this past week to stay healthy. This includes my shakes and daily vitamins and probiotics I take daily but I also add in Elderberry, Amped Repair (tumeric, tart cherry, and collagen), Silver Hydrosol spray, and my favorite essential oils (Isagenix DefenseShield and Lemon) is being diffused in the house and I like to add in Lemon to my water too.

This week is also all about hydration! I am not going to lie this is not my best area and I know I need to work on this but I would recommend really increasing your water intake and doing at least one Amped Hydrate a day for electrolytes and especially 2 days before race get in your water intake and electrolytes with Hydrate!

One of the most important nutrition areas I am obsessed with that I do race week is load with Amped NOX. I am going to place a link here because this is amazing and will boost your performance with all natural beet juice and vegetable nitrates to increase blood flow to and from your muscles and produce nitric oxide production.

This week you also want to focus on your mindset. Visualize your race, make sure you know the race course and get your playlist ready to rock your race! I also like to have my outfit planned out and make sure you have tested the pieces or whole outfit on a run too.

Last of all get excited and have fun because you have put in the training and are ready for the celebration! Enjoy the race and know that no matter how you do on race day you enjoyed the journey getting to that starting line!

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