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LeAnn Cushion

My journey in the last five years has been filled with so many emotions including stress, fear, anxiety, joy, and accomplishment. My health journey started five years ago when I partnered with Isagenix after having success with eating healthy foods (veggies, fruit, lean protein), but still had no energy.  I was a college runner and thought I was doing things right. I never thought I needed to supplement food. I was exhausted, tired, and a mom of two little infants. I was teaching group fitness classes, working with college students, and tried to be an active mom with my kids. I struggled to get out for a short run because I had no energy. I remember multiple times almost falling asleep while driving because I was so exhausted. After a lot of conversations, I finally took Kacie Graving’s advice and would try a shake. That shake changed my life. Today, I have more energy, deal with stress much better, improved in all of my races (triathlons, road races, and obstacle course race times), decreased body fat, and increased lean muscle mass. I am 35 and running faster compared to in college. 

Increased energy is an important part of my journey, but managing stress and anxiety is a bigger part of my story. I am now a single part of two young daughters. My divorce was ugly. There were days I was going through the motions, but was not emotionally okay. I could not sleep. I put on a smile for people to see, but I was a HOT MESS. Uncontrollable crying, terrible diet (ice cream and wine), and I knew I needed help. I changed my nutrient up again. I added more nutrient dense products, adaptogens, vitamins, and continued incorporating movement into my daily schedule.  

Today I am a happy and fufilled mamma bear who is passionate about having people learn how to make movement and nutrition fun as a family. I am a  fitness professional and have been working the health and wellness industry for thirteen years. I am a member of Team Isagenix, which is an elite team of athletes. I race in the elite class for obstacle course racing. I teach a momma and me workout class because children should be included in movement activities too. I am a Wellness Instructor at a university. I have a solid relationship with God and I have been dating the most amazing man. That stressed and exhausted girl I knew a few years ago is gone. I would not be the person I am today with the nutrient depleted foods I was previously ingesting or with all the toxins from our environment in my body. Proper nutrition has opened up my eyes to what life can be like and what it is supposed to be like. I believe everyone deserves a chance to feel like super woman!