5 Tips To Help You Stay Motivated

Do you ever wonder how you start off ready to rock your healthy changes and then somehow you get derailed in a couple months and frustrated?  I struggle with the darker colder days fast approaching us and I wanted to send out a few tips that have helped me stay motivated through the tougher seasons in your life.  Sometimes those seasons are the actual weather and sometimes they are stressful weeks or struggles with balancing life.

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Tip 1:  Make it a habit!  Did you know it takes over 2 months on average to make a new routine a habit.  For some it takes longer than this and if it becomes a habit you are far more likely to continue with those changes you were making.  I suggest making smaller changes to start with and forming the habit and then building from there.  So an example would be to start working out 3 days a week and then building from there after the habit is formed.  Another example is to add in a shake for breakfast and healthy snacks and then build from there as you feel ready.

Tip 2:  Surround yourself with Positive!!!  Notice I do not specify what type of positive with this tip.  This could be positive information in the form of books and podcasts or positive people.  It is true that if you surround yourself with positive it changes your mood and energy.  This however is hard to do often with work/family/life and I suggest focusing first on noticing the differences in your energy/mood when you are around positive people or information in your life and you will naturally start to feel this change and be able to carry it through even when you have some negative people/info in your environment.

Tip 3:  PLAN!!!  This one is hard for many people but an extremely important step in your motivation.  What is your WHY?  Actually write down your WHY on a piece of paper and then write down a long term goal.  This goal can seem super far off and that is ok.  Now I want you to create 3 short term goals that can be completed in a week, 2 weeks and a month time. These short term goals will get you closer to your long term goal and then next month we will write them down again.

Tip 4:  Rehearse your Victories.  This step is important in your self love journey and making this a habit.  These small victories are easy to rehearse and see when you are working on Tip 3 with your goals.  It sometimes seems like you are moving so slow towards that long term goal.  When you look back at the journey and the small changes you have made and celebrate them it will create motivation to keep moving forward.

Tip 5:  Build a Support Team.  Your support team can be 1-20+ people and I suggest that you find people who want to jump on this healthy journey with you or you feel so comfortable with you can tell them your goals. I love when people have two accountability partners and they motivate each other and support each other on the tough days and celebrate the amazing accomplishments together!  I am here for anybody needing this support partner and I love cheering you on!

I hope these 5 tips help you with whatever “season” you are in and I would love for you to comment below if you have another tip or how you stay motivated! Push Subscribe and I will send out a free fun workout to keep you motivated too!

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